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  1. Christian Bale eyed to star in ‘Steve Jobs’ biopic

    Oscar winner Christian Bale is David Fincher’s choice to play Steve Jobs…

  2. First official photo of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs released

    Eight months after coping with the news that Ashton Kutcher would be playing Steve Jobs…

  3. Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic to focus on 3 launches: Mac, NeXT, and iPod (with video)

    Sorkin revealed that the movie will be comprised of three, 30-minute sections…

  4. Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in ‘Jobs’ biopic

    Ashton Kutcher is attached to play Steve Jobs…

  5. Aaron Sorkin ‘strongly considering’ writing screenplay for Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic

    Earlier this year, Aaron Sorkin won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Social Network