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  1. Microsoft’s Windows Phone failure was easily preventable, but the company’s culture made it unavoidable

    How could Microsoft’s Windows Phone licensing business model stand a chance against Google’s Free and Open Android?

  2. Beleaguered Microsoft announces yet another major reorg; axes up to 3,000 employees

    Microsoft announced a major reorganization on Wednesday that will include thousands of layoffs…

  3. Beleaguered Microsoft to ax ‘thousands’ more employees

    Microsoft is poised to layoff thousands of employees worldwide..

  4. Beleaguered Microsoft axes 2,850 more employees

    Beleaguered Microsoft said in May it would cut 1,850 jobs in its smartphone business…

  5. Microsoft pulls plug on consumer smartphones, axes another 1,850 jobs

    Microsoft is further scaling back its flagging phone business, exiting the consumer market…

  6. Finnish Prime Minister: ‘Steve Jobs took our jobs’

    Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb has accused Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs…