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  1. An Apple R&D bonanza

    Apple will soon report the largest year-over-year increase in quarterly R&D expense in its history…

  2. Apple R&D spends almost $3 billion on self-driving and augmented reality

    The most talked about, at least by Apple executives, is augmented reality…

  3. Apple’s R&D spending hasn’t been this high since three years before iPhone launched

    Apple Inc.’s new 10th Anniversary iPhone is still sight unseen, yet a glance…

  4. Google/Alphabet: Flushing away billions

    Google/Alphabet is a modern-day Bell Telephone that is wasting billions of dollars on fruitless research projects..

  5. Is Apple underinvesting in R&D?

    When compared to other big tech companies such as Alphabet, Microsoft, and Facebook, Apple Inc. invests substantially less money than its peers….

  6. Apple is planning something huge

    One thing is for certain: Money doesn’t lie…

  7. Apple set new all-time R&D spending record last quarter

    Without question, Apple certainly has some big plans ahead…