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Aug 21, 2014 - 10:04 AM EDT — AAPL: 100.60 (+0.03, +0.03%) | NASDAQ: 4521.042 (-5.439, -0.12%)

Tag: Apple PR

  1. How Steve Jobs really felt about ‘Antennagate’

    Apple’s former head of marketing Allison Johnson has brought to light…

  2. Social media study: Apple dominates tech chatter, doesn’t do enough to control it

    Apple was not proactive enough pushing positive messages…

  3. Apple-bashing in the post-Steve Jobs era

    Taking shots at Apple isn’t exactly a new sport…

  4. Apple’s fall from leading to lagging brand or something

    Apple is no longer a leader or something…

  5. There’s more behind Apple’s iOS 6.1 and 128GB iPad releases than meets the eye

    Who is Apple talking to, and what is it trying to say?


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