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Feb 08, 2016 - 11:47 AM UTC — AAPL: 94.09 (+0.07, +0.07%) | NASDAQ: 4235.21 (-127.93, -2.93%)

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  1. Analyst: Apple working on ‘large, curving piece of glass that can display images’

    It is likely that Apple is creating a completely new device…

  2. BYOD boosts Macs vs. WIndows PCs: The final barriers to widespread Mac adoption in the enterprise are eroding

    The emergence of BYOD policies and virtual desktop platforms…

  3. Catastrophe Theory: Microsoft on the verge of a sudden collapse?

    Last week, usability expert Jakob Nielsen wrote a devastating critique of Windows 8…

  4. Windows PC users plan mass exodus to Apple Mac, iPad

    42 percent of customers looking for new computers say they’ll be picking up an Apple product…