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  1. Priorities in a time of plenty: How Apple is managed is one of its enduring mysteries

    The idea that a company with $235 billion in sales is managed with a single P/L is fascinating…

  2. Apple spent $699,133 on personal security for CEO Tim Cook in 2014

    This is the first time the company has disclosed spending any such money to protect CEO Tim Cook…

  3. Apple adds Vice Presidents, more diversity to Executive Leadership Team

    Apple today has expanded its Executive Leadership Team….

  4. Is Apple flying the pirate flag again? Mansfield move means something special is in works

    Is Apple flying the pirate flag again, just as it did in its swashbuckling days 30 years ago?

  5. Gruber: Nothing to read between the lines, Bob Mansfield really is working on ‘special projects’ for Apple

    After asking around, word on the Cupertino street is that there’s nothing to read…

  6. Apple’s Bob Mansfield to focus on ‘special projects’

    Apple Inc.’s Bob Mansfield, whose $85.5 million compensation made him…

  7. Apple removes SVP Bob Mansfield from executive team; will remain at Apple reporting to Tim Cook

    Bob Mansfield is no longer on Apple’s executive team…