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Tag: Andrew Auernheimer

  1. Celebrity iPad hacker wants indictment tossed after prison release

    Andrew Auernheimer, known online as ‘weev,’ partied with journalists…

  2. U.S. federal appeals court throws out celebrity iPad hacker’s conviction

    A federal appeals court on Friday unanimously threw out the conviction…

  3. U.S. computer hacker gets 3-1/2 years for stealing iPad user data

    A computer hacker was sentenced on Monday to three years…

  4. Jury convicts New York man over AT&T-iPad hacking

    A federal jury convicted a New York man on Tuesday of hacking into AT&T Inc servers…

  5. Accused AT&T-iPad hacker Andrew Auernheimer in plea talks

    Andrew Auernheimer, accused of hacking into AT&T Inc servers