“Apple just can’t shake that iPhone addiction,” Shara Tibken writes for CNET. “At a flashy event on Monday, the company time and time again stressed how great its services will work on its mobile devices. For its premium Apple News Plus subscription package, magazines have been designed to take advantage of the iPhone or iPad, adding animated covers and automatically downloading content for convenience.”

“The Apple Arcade game subscription service will give Apple device users unlimited access to more than 100 new and exclusive games,” Tibken writes. “And Apple’s new no-fee credit card, Apple Card, requires an iPhone to work.”

“Even Oprah made an appearance to promote why she’s working with Apple on Apple TV Plus,” Tibken writes. “Hint: It has a lot to do with the iPhone. ‘A billion devices, y’all!’ Oprah told the crowd.”

“On Monday, Apple didn’t say a word about any of its services coming to Android or Windows devices,” Tibken writes. “Closing itself off from Android and Windows devices shuts Apple off from a significant percentage of the phone, tablet and PC markets.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is not “addicted” to iPhone.

iPhone is just one device that can tap into Apple services. In fact, except for Apple Card, iPad is better than iPhone for everything Apple announced this week: Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+ – and Apple Watch is better for using Apple Pay / Apple Card at the physical register than iPhone.

As per those who settle for Windows and Android: Apple serves premium customers who have discretionary income and the proven will to spend it. Those who settle for pretend iPhones and fake Macs have always proven to be cheapskates; not the type of user who’ll spend on subscription content. They want cheap/free. Therefore, they deserve what cheap/free delivers.

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