“What year is it? Yeah it’s December 2018. Nearly 2019,” Anthony Casella writes for iMore. “And I’m about to show you how to decrypt and copy your old 480p DVDs to your Mac.”

“DVDs are yesteryear’s technology for certain. Although 90% of my collection exists on digitally available versions, I’m not inclined to re-purchase the entire collection on iTunes or Amazon,” Casella writes. “Nor am I inclined to be at the mercy of streaming services like Netflix that may have the feature one day, and due to licensing limits, lose it the next.”

Casella writes, “DVD drives have NOT been a thing for quite a few years now, so those of you who still have a DVD reader on your Mac (as I do on my 2009 Mac Pro) and haven’t yet created digital copies of your DVD collections had better get cracking (intentional pun here) before you no longer have any DVD hardware available to copy them with!”

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MacDailyNews Take: Depending on how many favorite films you have that you like to rewatch (that number in very small for each of us here), it may cost you less in time to just purchase the film in much better quality via iTunes Store.