“iPhone XR has been out for just over a month,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “After doing my initial iPhone XR review, I’ve still been using it alongside and alternating with an iPhone XS. For the last few days, though, I’ve instead been using it alongside and alternating with an iPhone 6s.”

“Why a 6s? ” Ritchie writes. “Because I wanted to get a sense not just of how cool the new colors are, though they are, or whether the display and camera system were dealbreakers compared to the iPhone XS, which really depends on the individual, but how much of a difference the upgrade will make to a real person in the real world.”

“A lot of people considering the XR, people who don’t get a new phone to review every couple days, weeks, or months, have been using the same phone for a couple or few years already. That’s the 6s,” Ritchie writes. “Maybe the 6, SE, or 7. But mostly the 6s. And, if that’s you or someone you’re close to, I want to take my head out of the tech bubble for a minute and put myself in your shoes.”

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