“Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was known to be incredibly demanding,” David Pierini writes for Cult of Mac. “But one retired Apple executive said when it came to standing in line in the company cafeteria, Jobs waited his turn like everyone else.”

“Brett Bilbrey, who joined Apple in 2002 and retired in 2014 as its head of technology, tells such a story on the website Quora, where people can ask random questions in hopes of getting a response,” Pierini writes. “He responded to the question, ‘What are some lesser-known facts about Steve Jobs?'”

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Steve would wait in line in the Apple cafeteria like everyone else.

He could have easily gone to the front of any line, or have someone get food for him. But he didn’t.

On a number of occasions, he ended up in line behind me. And often he would ask me to ‘hold his place’ while he went to check other food stations.

Once when this happened, another employee got in line behind me, and I turned around and told him, “Just so you know, I’m saving that spot for Steve.” He laughed and thought I was kidding. “Yeah, right. Like Steve is going to show up and cut in line.” While he was saying that, Steve had returned and was behind him, and heard his comment. Steve said, “I’m not going to cut in, he was holding my spot for me.” The guy turned around and saw Steve, and the employee’s face actually turned white, and he started shaking. Instead of just making room for Steve, he kind of just slinked away. Steve nodded to me and said “Thanks,” then he pulled out his phone and started checking email while we waited. — Brett Bilbrey, Apple (2002-2014) via Quora

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