“After years of neglect, Apple has finally updated the widely-beloved MacBook Air,” iFixit reports. “Does this new lightweight have what it takes to keep up with ultraportables of 2018? Or is it just full of hot air? Let’s open it up and find out.”

“The Air bears a remarkable resemblance to the Touch Bar-less 13″ MacBook Pro—apart from thickness and Touch ID, they are nigh indistinguishable,” iFixit reports. “And despite the “Air” nomenclature, this makes the 12″ MacBook look like a lightweight by comparison.”

“Just six Torx screws and a few cable connectors stand between us and logic board removal — not bad!” iFixit reports. “Continuing the repair-friendly (or at least friendlier) trend, we find stretchy adhesive pull tabs under these elongated speakers! We don’t love adhesive — reusable screws are nearly always better — but hey, pulling out this iPhone-esque stretch-release stuff is loads better than gooey solvents and blind prying. Plus, the mere presence of stretch-release adhesive generally means that someone at least thought about possible repair and disassembly situations.”

Six friendly pull-to-remove adhesive strips secure the MacBook Air's battery pack.

Six friendly pull-to-remove adhesive strips secure the MacBook Air’s battery pack.

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MacDailyNews Take: Getting better!

Apple makes MacBook Air with Retina display battery replacements easier, less wasteful – November 7, 2018