“Here’s a guarantee for you. When Apple launches the new Mac Pro some time in 2019, it will be later in the year than you’d hope —and people will be disappointed,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “Specifically, if you’re waiting for the return of the old Mac Pro cheese grater, you can start drafting your angry tweets right now. As much as we loved that old Mac too, it’s gone and it isn’t coming back.”

“The 2019 Mac Pro will be like the current model and the new Mac mini. One system to which you can add what you need,” Gallagher writes. “To be clear, this isn’t what we’re looking for in the new Mac Pro. While we do agree that Thunderbolt 3 is a fantastic choice for the machine insofar as connecting high-speed storage and devices, we’d like to see m.2 slots, a pair of x16 PCI-E slots, and slotted RAM in an enclosure about the size of the eGPUs that we’ve reviewed. We think we’re just going to get the RAM, though, as the wider professional market that doesn’t upgrade their machines probably speaks louder that we do.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s new “Mac Pro” will be a box containing three Mac minis.

We joking (we hope).

Apple’s new Mac mini creates concern about upcoming Mac Pro – November 1, 2018