“Those who carry Apple’s prized mobile phone tend to have more money, more friends, and are generally happier than Android users,” Ben Renner reports for StudyFinds. “The study, commissioned by online retailer Slickdeals, surveyed 1,000 Android users and 1,000 iPhone users, and found the phone in your pocket could indicate certain personality and lifestyle traits.”

“iPhone users, for example, were 27 percent more likely to say they were ‘very happy’ with their lives and were more inclined to have a romantic partner with whom they were in love,” Renner reports. “When it came to social circles, iPhone owners were found to have an average of five close friends, compared to just three for Android users.”

“Meanwhile, it pays to be an iPhone owner. That’s because respondents with iPhones earned an average income of $53,251 per year, far greater than the $37,040 that Android users bring home,” Renner reports. “[Android users] spend about half as much as iPhone users per month on clothing ($62 versus $117), beauty products ($40.40 versus $82.71), and on technology ($50.83 versus $100.88)… Apple users also send 58 texts on average each day, compared to just 26 for Android users.”

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