“Apple TV just got a lot more interesting for cord-cutters now that its TV app supports PlayStation Vue,” Jared Newman writes for TechHive. “The TV app, which aggregates video from different providers into a unified TV guide, previously didn’t integrate with any live TV streaming bundles.”

“PlayStation Vue, which starts at $45 per month for more than 45 channels, appears to be the first live TV streaming service that integrates with the TV app. (Hulu says it will also add TV app integration to its $40-per-month live TV service soon),” Newman writes. “That means you can access Vue’s on-demand shows, DVR content, and live sports straight from the Apple TV’s default home screen, alongside content from several other apps. With this one addition, Apple’s vision for the future of television seems a lot more complete.”

“To be clear, a PlayStation Vue app has been available on Apple TV since late 2016. The difference now is that Vue ties into Apple’s own centralized TV guide, which by default pops up whenever you hit the remote’s home button,” Newman writes. “If you’re currently watching shows on PlayStation Vue, Amazon Prime, and PBS, the TV app provides a universal watchlist for catching up on new episodes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As regular readers know we’re cord-cutters who subscribe to PlayStation Vue, which we consider to be the best live TV streaming service. (We also subscribe to HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime (the latter mainly for The Grand Tour, beyond free Prime shipping.)

Apple’s TV app now makes a lot more sense and goes a long way toward fulfilling its promise with PlayStation Vue integration.

In fact, Apple’s TV app icon has moved from somewhere out of the Top 10 apps on Apple TV’s app launcher to No.2 right next to PlayStation Vue and ahead of Netflix!

Sony’s PlayStation Vue app adds support for Apple’s TV app – October 15, 2018