“NSA senior adviser for cybersecurity Rob Joyce tells Politico that ‘nobody’s found anything’ regarding Bloomberg Businessweek’s report of malicious Chinese chips planted in Super Micro components to spy on U.S. companies,” Brandy Betz reports for Seeking Alpha.

“Alleged victims Apple and Amazon, Super Micro, and China have all denied the reports,” Betz reports. “Telecoms rushed out to deny a follow-up report’s claim that a major U.S. telecom found chips.”

Betz reports, “Joyce says these companies would ‘suffer a world of hurt’ if regulators determined they were lying, suggesting the denials are truthful.”

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A Trio Of Rebukes For China Chip Hack Tale — The aforementioned Joyce, [FBI Director Christopher] Wray and [DHS Secretary Kirstjen] Nielsen all cast doubt in various forms Wednesday on a bombshell Bloomberg Businessweek story about China allegedly compromising chips used in major companies,” Tim Starks reports for Politico. “While government officials have been known to obfuscate before, Joyce and Wray in particular have little reputation for it, and collectively the rebukes represent an enormous blow for a storyline Bloomberg continues to stand by even as some of its sources exit stage left — especially since, as covered above, administration officials haven’t been shy to criticize China lately.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloomberg Businessweek is all alone on this, out on a limb.

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