“Apple’s next iPad Pro could come with support for 4K HDR video and a USB-C port for connecting it to more things, potentially making it more of a computer-killer,” Roland Moore-Colyer writes for The Inquirer. “At least that’s according to sources familiar with the iPad Pro’s development who blabbed to 9to5Mac, claiming that the new fondle slate will also have a near edge-to-edge display.”

“Such a screen would mean the somewhat iconic home button on the iPad Pro goes the way of the dodo,” Moore-Colyer writes. “The most noteworthy addition would be the USB-C port as the would expand upon the proprietary Lighting port Apple usually equips its iDevices with and open up the next-gen iPad Pro to a whole host of peripherals and allow rapid transfer of large files, as well as a connection to 4K displays, assuming said USB-C port supports Thunderbolt 3.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we just wrote yesterday:

One thing’s for sure, we’re not buying any Macs until these new iPad Pros are revealed.

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