“I haven’t used my iPad Pro in days,” Leif Johnson writes for Macworld. “In fact, I kind of forgot it existed, as last week I guiltily realized I’d buried my longtime daily writing companion under a pile of papers as though it were a random piece of trash.”

“But the guilt passed quickly,” Johnson writes. “Within seconds my attention had already turned back to my new iPhone XS Max, a device that does many of the tasks my iPad Pro does more comfortably and efficiently.”

“Nothing about the iPhone XS Max won me over quite like its gorgeous 6.5-inch display,” Johnson writes. “Before the iPhone XS Max, I was already somewhat sidelining the iPad Pro, in part because it no longer fits well in my workflow. Apple’s tablet was once my workhorse, but these days I find the 12-inch MacBook handily replaces it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: People who feel this way were never using their iPad Pro units anywhere near to their full potential.

Don’t get us, wrong, the iPhone Xs Max is a wondrous device – it’s Apple’s flagship iPhone, after all – but it cannot replace an iPad Pro for those who really use iPad Pro to create, not just consume.