“There’s usually one star of the show when it comes to September Apple events: that year’s flagship new iPhone models. That’s usually true even in S-model years,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “But it wasn’t the case yesterday. The flagship new iPhones – the XS and the XS Max (I still can’t believe Apple chose that name) – were actually the least interesting things Apple presented.”

“Mostly the problem was that the iPhone XS and XS Max just … aren’t very interesting. I know it’s an S year, but even so,” Lovejoy writes. “Some Apple fans do upgrade their iPhones every year, while others hold out for the S-year on the basis that new features are more interesting than new designs. But while the iPhone X broke that pattern, I’m not sure many iPhone X owners will see any persuasive reason to upgrade this year.”

MacDailyNews Take: The impetus for iPhone X users to upgrade this year, and it is strong here, is the display size of the iPhone Xs Max.

“Let’s talk next about the product I am going to buy: the Apple Watch Series 4,” Lovejoy writes. “I’ll see how it looks in the metal and glass, but I’m already convinced I want this. So much so that I’m going to pre-order it first, go look at one in an Apple store later.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be there at the moment pre-orders begin, too. What a massive upgrade for Apple Watch this year!

“Sure, the XR isn’t the cheapest iPhone in the line-up – that’s now the iPhone 7 at $449. But to offer something very close to the iPhone X/XS/Max form factor at a $749 price point is huge. And the near-bezel-free design also meant including the headline feature of last year’s flagship iPhone: Face ID. Throwing in Portrait Mode means you can now buy an iPhone that gets most non-technical customers the flagship design and features they want at 75% of the price of the iPhone XS,” Lovejoy writes. “The iPhone XR is going to absolutely fly off the shelves. So much so, I think it will cannibalise iPhone XS sales to a significant degree.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The XR is Apple’s “BMW 3 Series.” The Xs and Xs Max are Apple’s “BMW M Models.” All of them sell to and satisfy their respective target audiences just fine. Naturally, one audience is much larger than the other. iPhone XR is a marvelous value. We hope Apple can make enough! The Xs and, especially, the Xs Max are lustworthy!