“On Wednesday, Apple’s biggest surprise wasn’t new phones, but a new feature in the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 4 — the ability to run an electrocardiogram (ECG) test just by placing your finger on a button,” Kif Leswing writes for Business Insider.

“Over at the headquarters of AliveCor, a startup based in Google’s hometown of Mountain View, they, too, were surprised by the announcement, CEO Vic Gundotra said in a phone interview on Thursday. Gundotra is a former Googler, widely known as the executive behind the Google+ social network,” Leswing writes. “Specifically, Gundotra says that his company was confused by Apple’s claims that the Series 4 will be the first over-the-counter ECG testing device for consumers.”

“‘We were watching [the announcement], and we were surprised,’ Gundotra said. ‘It was amazing, it was like us being on stage, with the thing we’ve been doing for 7 years,’ referring to AliveCor’s product for detecting atrial fibrillation (AFib), a tough-to-spot heart disorder that manifests as an irregular, often quick heart rate that can cause poor circulation,” Leswing writes. “‘Although when they said they were first to go over-the-counter, we were surprised,’ he continued. ‘Apple doesn’t like to admit they copy anyone, even in the smallest things. Their own version of alternative facts.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Poor Vic sounds more than a little butthurt over getting Sherlocked and one-upped.

The fact is that the only one employing “alternative facts” is Vic Gundotra:

Have clarity on this — Alivecor is available to buy over the counter or online, but a doctor reviews the first ECG to “unlock” it within 24 hours. After that, immediate results. Apple has clearance from FDA to deliver that reading to consumers right away.Christina Farr

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