“As far as Apple is concerned, the headphone jack is extinct,” Gordon Gottsegen writes for CNET. “With the new iPhones coming in, Apple has stopped selling the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and iPhone SE — meaning that the last iPhones to come with a headphone jack are gone.”

“To rub salt in our wounds, Apple won’t even ship the Lightning-to-3.5mm audio jack dongle with its new 2018 iPhones,” Gottsegen writes, “like it did with iPhones in previous years.”

Gottsegen writes, “Instead, you can buy the dongle separately for $9.”

MacDailyNews Take: If you can’t swing $9, you can’t afford a smartphone.

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MacDailyNews Take: Our sympathies to Luddites the world over.

Time marches on. You can’t leap forward when you’re bogged down with anachronisms.

Get yourself a pair of AirPods already.