“Apple is gearing up for a revamp of its iPhone lineup, but it’ll need to do a lot more to catch its rivals in some of the world’s hottest smartphone markets,” Rishi Iyengar reports for CNN. “The company’s signature device has failed to gain a strong foothold in countries like China and India, as well as other markets in Asia, where most of the growth in smartphone sales is coming from.”

“By contrast, Asia offers huge potential. Hundreds of millions of people in the region have never bought a smartphone, but so far Apple has largely missed out on the opportunity,” Iyengar reports. “The iPhone accounts for only 2% of smartphone sales in India and between 8% and 10% in China — the world’s two biggest markets — according to industry estimates. It also has a small share of other Asian markets with huge potential, accounting for 5% of sales in Vietnam, 8% in Thailand and just 1% in Indonesia in the past year, according to IDC.”

“Prices are already Apple’s biggest challenge in India, where around 800 million people have yet to experience the internet, and most of them will likely do so through smartphones. The country is one of the world’s most expensive places to buy Apple devices, with increased tariffs pushing the price of an iPhone X to $1,700 earlier this year,” Iyengar reports. “That puts it out of reach of most Indians, who earn less than $2,000 a year on an average.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Unit share is but one measure of “growth” and it’s not the most important measure, either.

Newsflash: Apple sells premium products at premium prices to premium customers.

Little Mikey had a lemonade stand. Okay, it was a kiosk. He sold 100 (8 oz.) cups yesterday for 10-cents each. He spent 11-cents per cup for artificial lemon flavoring, corn syrup, and the paper cups. He used tap water because it was free. Threw it all together in a big plastic pail. He’s out a buck for all of his trouble. Boy, that was a lot of work for less than nothing!

Around the block, little Steve runs a lemonade stand, too. It’s all blonde wood and very clean. He sold 50 (24 oz.) glasses yesterday for 50-cents each. He spent 20-cents per glass on fresh-squeezed lemons, pure cane sugar, spring water (mixed with the utmost care), and some very nice glassware (he buys in bulk and gets a good price). He took home $15 yesterday.

He’s currently building his newest stand right where Mikey’s used to be.MacDailyNews, April 23, 2009

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