“Plex is designed for users with large libraries of digital content on their hard drives. It will work with movies, TV shows, music, pictures: basically any kind of video or audio file. But it’s core usage is playing back video files obtained legally or otherwise,” Alexander Fox writes for Apple Gazette. “There’s a Plex client for every meaningful platform, so you’ll be able to stream your Plex content from your server device to just about anything with a screen. You could probably stream it to your fridge’s LCD screen, if you were sufficiently creative.”

Fox writes, “That’s the power of Plex: it’s an omnivorous input for content and a non-discriminating output, streaming your media to any device in the Nine Realms.”

“The open secret about Plex is that it’s really made for people with massive libraries of illegally obtained content… If you get your media exclusively through streaming platforms like iTunes, Amazon, VOD, Netflix, Hulu or other legitimate streaming platforms, Plex won’t be as helpful to you,” Fox writes. “Now, if you’ve got an enormous library of video content that fell off the back of a truck, Plex really shines. By automatically and silently associating the files with the correct metadata, Plex pairs cryptic filenames like “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 2018 1080p HC HDRip x264 AAC ESub” with the correct metadata, producing an attractive and navigable media library. Plex turns your shady library of grey market video into something much more like Netflix.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Depending on your type of media library, Plex just might be for you.

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