“It’s been seven years since Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs passed on the reins to Tim Cook,” Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla writes for Canadian Reviewer. “It was a bittersweet passing of the torch as Jobs was in advanced stages of cancer and then-COO Cook, who had already served as pinch hitter for Jobs in years past, was reluctant to replace his friend and mentor.”

“Since then, Cook has represented Apple and steered the company to its greatest heights culminating in the recent trillion dollar valuation, a first for a technology company,” Sevilla writes. “In Cook, Apple has a pragmatic leader and supply chain veteran who has enabled consistent profits while slowly expanding Apple into new product categories. Stand out products released during Cook’s tenure include the AirPods (which are everywhere now) and the Apple Watch, which has become the standard in smartwatches.”

“Apple may have lost a bit of its shine as a cutting edge innovator with various products looking like repeats of previous versions for two or three product cycles. There are also some products that may seem to have been neglected in favour of the hotter items like the iPhone and iPad line,” Sevilla writes. “Apple under Cook is making corrections by releasing pro-focused iMacs and MacBook Pros as well as a rumoured refresh of the Mac mini, MacBook and Mac Pro lines.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There are a lot of balls to juggle and although Cook has dropped a few over the years, it’s obviously been an amazing performance overall, despite the near total evaporation of the pizazz level that Jobs consistently delivered. Here’s to new Macs, routinely upgraded, new iPads, iPhones, and so much more, including, hopefully, AR glasses and next-gen vehicles to name just two!