“Though rumors of a new entry-level MacBook laptop have circulated for quite some time, few concrete details have actually been confirmed,” Jeremy Horwitz reports for VentureBeat. “Today, a supply chain report from Taiwan’s hit-and-miss DigiTimes purports to shed light on the computer’s internals, claiming that Intel’s delay of a small new CPU led Apple to redesign the machine around a larger, more available part.”

“According to the report, the new MacBook will contain a 13-inch screen and was originally planned to launch late last year, but was delayed due to problems with Intel’s 10-nanometer chip manufacturing problems,” Horwitz reports. ” When Intel rescheduled 10nm CPU production for the second half of 2019, Apple changed the MacBook’s design to use a larger 14nm Kaby Lake processor, so it could be released this year.”

“Interestingly, DigiTimes says that the new machine will carry a $1,200 price tag, despite rumors that have placed the ‘entry-priced’ machine as low as $999,” Horwitz reports. “Even at that higher price, Apple reportedly expects the machine to sell eight million units in 2018 and to undermine demand for similar laptops from top rivals.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re dreaming of a MacBook lineup consisting of an 11-inch (with thin bezels, it’d be even tinier and lighter than our beloved 11-inch MacBook Air units!) and a 13-inch model starting at $999 and $1299, respectively.

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