“Apple is on a roll. The company is seeing record high iPhone ASPs, strong momentum with Services, and a wearables platform connecting with the mass market. Revenue growth has accelerated for the past seven quarters,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. “Apple’s growth story has returned with a vengeance.”

“Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that Apple’s three primary growth levers are not created equal,” Cybart writes. “While some growth levers are at risk of slowing, others are still just getting started.”

Cybart writes, “There are three drivers behind Apple’s return to revenue growth: (1) iPhone. The average selling price (ASP) of iPhone is up $100 year-over-year. (2) Services. Apple is seeing strong revenue growth from the App Store, licensing, and AppleCare. (3) Wearables. Apple’s wearables platform is gaining sales momentum as Apple Watch and AirPods go mainstream.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Neil estimates that “in just three years, Apple Watch sales have exceeded 20 million units per year with a user base nearing 40 million.”

Not bad for a “flop,” huh?

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