“To market its new Note 9, the Korean handset maker is again mocking Apple’s Geniuses and suggesting they’re not bright,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for ZDNet. “They don’t seem worried about it.”

“As the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched last Thursday, Samsung released two more ads that showed Samsung fans going into Apple stores with the apparent express purpose of showing up Apple employees,” Matyszczyk writes. “One mocked the iPhone X’s alleged lack of power when compared with the Note 9 — and the employee’s attempt to define power.”

“I asked my Apple store employee — let’s call him Horace — whether he’d seen the ads. He admitted he had,” Matyszczyk writes. “‘Don’t you feel a little insulted?’ He laughed, then said: ’90 percent of the people who come in here are complaining about something. And the people in those ads…where else are they going to go? A Samsung store? Are there any?'”

“I must admit Horace seemed perfectly bright to me,” Matyszczyk writes. “He told excellent stories, he knew Apple products and he didn’t try to force me into buying a phone.”

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