“Every time Apple has entered a new market segment, the wailing sirens of punditry have scrambled to scream out their logic of how impossible it will be for the company to ever get established, to meaningfully change the rules, and to succeed commercially,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for Roughly Drafted. “And at the same time, those same critics frequently throw out the idea that Apple doesn’t even have to try to succeed in hardware, because its audience of raving fans will blindly buy any overpriced, underperforming thing the company releases. In both cases, they’re wrong.”

“We’ve seen two decades of this cognitive dissonance posing as analysis with iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad, Apple Watch and now HomePod,” Dilger writes. “At first, there was supposed to be no way Apple could be successful or even compete in any of these markets. Then, in hindsight, Apple’s performance is portrayed as a fait accompli, the result of the company’s effortless ability to shovel anything into the market, douse it with marketing, and ignite a bonfire of vanity that attracts simpleton fans who don’t know any better.”

Dilger asks, “If Apple’s marketing were the main thing driving its sales, why haven’t Google and Microsoft been able to sell their brands in commercially significant volumes, given Microsoft’s billions devoted to marketing and Google’s supposed genius in targeting and reaching buyers with effective advertising messages?”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s always amazing to encounter pundits and so-called analysts who in 2018 still do not understand (or feign not to understand in service of hit-whoring) the basics of how Apple Inc. works.

Newsflash: Apple sells premium products at premium prices to premium customers.

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