“Ever since Elon Musk conceptualized the technology of hyperloop in 2012, there has been no dearth in the amount of activity it has generated,” Vishnu Rajamanickam reports for FreightWaves. “The mode of transport is as simple as it gets – people being transported through a capsule that hurtles at supersonic speeds through a vacuum tube, but then again, realizing the idea has been far from easy.”

“Although the paper that conceived the initial Hyperloop Alpha concept examined a route connecting the LA region to the Bay Area, there has been negligible activity in the U.S. with regard to hyperloop,” Rajamanickam reports. “The hyperloop market of today is crowded with companies and university teams pitting against each other in creating the first feasible hyperloop route on ground, but none of the projects under-construction call the U.S. home.”

“However, the city of Cupertino in California might be the lodestar [for which] the technology was looking,” Rajamanickam reports. “Cupertino hosts the headquarters of Apple Inc, and quite understandably suffers from endless transportation problems courtesy the thousands who work for the hardware giant… now it looks like the city has set its sights on bringing in a hyperloop project to ease the traffic in the region… Reportedly, Apple is on-board the idea as well, looking to subsidize the construction, though there has been no official confirmation from its side.”

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