“The Mac has plenty of games, but it’ll always get the short end of the stick compared to Windows,” iMore writes. “If you want to play the latest games on your Mac, you have no choice but to install Windows…or do you?”

“There are actually a few ways you can play Windows games on your Mac without having to dedicate a partition to Boot Camp or giving away huge amounts of hard drive space to a virtual machine app like VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop,” iMore writes. “Here are a few other options for playing Windows games on your Mac, without the hassle or expense of having to install Windows: The Wine Project, Crossover Mac, [and/or] Boxer.”

“In the end, programs like the ones listed above, aren’t the most reliable way to get play Windows games on your Mac, but they do give you an option,” iMore writes. “Of course, another option is to actually run Windows on your Mac, via BootCamp or a virtual machine.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d advise slumming it with Windows – we recommend Parallels Desktop for Mac for virtualization and Apple’s Boot Camp for speed. The safest way to run Windows is on a Mac.

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