“As a company, Apple has traditionally been known throughout its history for two things: It serves creative people from Jeff Goldblum to Grimes, and it hates buttons, going to extreme lengths to minimize or remove them from its designs,” Ernie Smith writes for Motherboard. “In some ways, that desire to ditch buttons has proven a major benefit for the tech industry in general—see the way the onscreen multitouch keyboard, an Apple original, came to define the smartphone and tablet—but in others, it’s been a major headache, such as with the MacBook Pro’s butterfly keys.”

“But as Apple struggles to win over creatives with its most recent iterations of the MacBook Pro (to say nothing of its stagnating Mac desktop lineup), the company may want to consider doing something unprecedented, at least for them: It should leap on the buzz around the mechanical keyboard and spend some time building one of its own,” Smith writes. “Yes, yes, it goes against Apple’s ethos as a button minimizer—and as recent patent filings suggest, the company is actively heading in the opposite direction by experimenting with Force Touch enabled virtual keys for its laptops—but it would throw a pretty useful bone to the audience of pros that it’s struggling to keep happy.”

“There are lots of reasons why this would make sense: There is energy around the mechanical keyboard right now, in part because of the same kinds of subcultures that obsess over Apple products, and in part because the patents around the Cherry MX, the key switch that is widely seen as the gold standard for clicky keyboards, have expired, giving competitors an opportunity to leap into the market,” Smith writes. “But because Cherry keyswitches have been around so long, there’s room… to improve on the design while still keeping the features that people like about mech keys.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, Apple already makes mechanical keyboards, the Magic Keyboard and the a href=”https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MQ052LL/A/magic-keyboard-with-numeric-keypad-us-english-silver” target=”_new”>Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad which both feature rather precise scissor mechanisms. We use Apple’s keyboards on our desks and love them!

(We’d love them even more if Apple would release Touch Bar-equipped version!)