“The iPhone X was Apple’s most popular smartphone last quarter, but as the newness wears off, are people still excited about buying a $1,000 phone?” Mike Murphy wonders for Quartz.

“Apple will report its fiscal third-quarter earnings on July 31. It’s traditionally the slowest quarter for the consumer-tech giant, but investors tend to watch closely for any indication about the coming two quarters, when Apple tends to release its latest smartphones (this traditionally happens in September, near the end of the company’s fiscal fourth quarter) and begins the busy holiday quarter,” Murphy writes. “But even a slow quarter for Apple is nothing to sneeze at… Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters expect Apple to have generated $52.3 billion in this year’s third quarter, up about 15% over last year.”

“After the release of the $1,000 iPhone X in September, the average price of an iPhone skyrocketed. Apple said on its last earnings call that the iPhone X was its best-selling individual model every week of the quarter,” Murphy writes. “Look to see whether Apple has managed to maintain that momentum with the costly phone, or whether cheaper models, such as the $700 iPhone 8 it announced at the same time as the X, have started to cut into the X’s popularity.”

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