“The phrase on the back of iPhones — ‘Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China’ — highlights a key reason for the company’s remarkable success but also shows how exposed it is to the escalating U.S.-China trade fight,” Tripp Mickle and Yoko Kubota report for The Wall Street Journal. “By assembling its phones in China, Apple Inc. tapped into China’s vast workforce and formidable manufacturing capabilities. But it also made Apple’s most-profitable product a Chinese export—one that could be subject to tariffs in the trade dispute. On top of that, China is by far Apple’s most important market outside the U.S., leaving it exposed if Beijing decides to retaliate by squeezing its sales.”

“Smartphones weren’t included in the levies on $34 billion of Chinese goods imposed on July 6, nor are they targeted in a second round worth $16 billion that is expected in August. They also haven’t been included in a third round of $200 billion in goods that the Trump administration identified earlier this month,” Mickle and Kubota report. “But now, President Donald Trump is threatening levies on a total of $500 billion in imports, which would cover just about everything China ships to the U.S., including iPhones, trade experts say.”

“China imports much less from the U.S.—about $130 billion in goods annually—which limits its options for tit-for-tat tariffs. But China could retaliate with higher duties and punitive actions against American companies,” Mickle and Kubota report. “Apple would be a likely target because of the iPhone’s 9% share of China’s smartphone market, according to Mr. Dollar and other trade experts.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hence insurance policies already in place:

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“China also has an interest in keeping the peace, given the number of jobs Apple provides. About 10,000 people in China are employed directly by Apple, the company said,” Mickle and Kubota report. “Indirectly, Apple says it accounts for three million jobs there through its supply chain, which includes contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Co. It also says it provides work for 1.5 million app developers in China.”

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