“Alongside the new MacBook Pro launch and Blackmagic eGPU, Apple also released a new Leather Sleeve for its flagship laptop, albeit to significantly less fanfare and/or controversy,” Jeff Benjamin writes for 9to5Mac. “The MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve follows in the footsteps of similar leather-based offerings for the 12-inch MacBook and iPad Pro.”

“Comprised out of high-quality European leather, the MacBook Pro Leather sleeve is available in one of three colors for both 13- and 15-inch models,” Benjamin writes. “Should you consider dropping $179 (13-inch) or $199 to protect your MacBook Pro in style?”

“I’ve been testing the 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve in Saddle Brown,” Benjamin writes. “When you first touch the sleeve it becomes readily apparent that the leather is of a high-grade… It’s a well-put-together product that will protect your MacBook Pro during general day-to-day usage… My biggest gripe with the MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve, outside of the obvious cost factor, is that it’s not designed to be used in concert with a USB-C charging cable.”

Much more, including many photos, in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: These leather sleeves are beautifully made and, as for why it’s not designed to be used while charging, Apple’s MacBook Pro Info Guide clearly explains: “It’s important to keep your MacBook Pro on a hard, stable, and well-ventilated work surface when in use or charging.”