“Dave Coplin is trying to explain to me why people across two continents are suddenly allowing their employers to put microchips under their skin,” Guy Clapperton writes for Medium. “‘I do this to my dog — why wouldn’t I do it to myself?’ Coplin says. I’m not convinced, so he launches into an anecdote about a club on the Mediterranean party island of Ibiza where people could chip themselves and then use the chip to buy drinks. Coplin suspects this was because they weren’t wearing many clothes.”

“But chipping yourself because you’re half-naked and don’t have a pocket for your wallet is very different from allowing your employer to chip you,” Clapperton writes. “So, how did we get here?”

“Coplin, who heads a consultancy called the Envisioners, says there are real benefits for both employer and employee — if we can only get over our squeamishness,” Clapperton writes. “‘If it adds value, I’m all for it,’ he says. ‘Today we look at people doing it and it feels a bit weird, but in reality, there is something inevitable about it.'”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last July:

Like it or not, it’s the next logical step. At first, it’ll even be optional. Welcome to a Brave New World. We’re surprised it hasn’t come sooner.

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