“From my years of tracking Apple, two very consistent threads seem to drive Apple’s strategy,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “These threads deal with two key things: The first is embodied in the original Mac strategy but defined, even more, when Steve Jobs left Apple and started a new computing company called NeXT. In fact, the name of Job’s new company is the consistent thread that drives Apple’s overall view of the world. Apple’s core DNA has been to deliver the “next” major advancement to the personal computing experience on a continuous basis. The second thread is how they advance user interfaces with the computer. Their innovations in man-machine interfaces started with the Mac and then extended to the iPod, iPhone, the iPad and most recently, Apple Watch.”

“As I look at Apple’s future role at driving a ‘next’ computing experience, I am drawn to two essential technology developments that give us a hint of where they could be headed. The first is Augmented Reality. Apple introduced this at their developer’s conference in June 2017. I see AR Kit and AR apps being at the center of Apple’s ‘next’ big thing that advances the personal computing experience. At the moment it is focused on using the iPhone and its screen as the delivery device for this AR experience,” Bajarin writes. “Where Apple can and will expand the “next” big thing in personal computing will come through some form of goggles or glasses.”

“I believe Apple’s strategy will have the iPhone serve as the CPU and brains behind these glasses and feed the data and AR content to what I call ‘skinny’ glasses, which would be Apple’s ‘next’ significant way they will drive the future of personal computing,” Bajarin writes. “By using a future iPhone designed and tuned to deliver rich AR content to a set of smart glasses wirelessly, Apple would allow their glasses to be light and most likely look like a regular pair of glasses.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with the Apple Watch, the iPhone will, at first, be required for most Apple Glasses operation and this dependency will lessen over time as technology progresses.

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