“Ever since its debut in 2016, I’ve been a big fan of Apple’s iPhone SE. I personally prefer the smaller size for carrying around, but there are others who like the cheaper price tag,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “Given the phone is now quite outdated, there have been many rumors about a potential update to the phone this fall. Unfortunately, one firm recently suggested this won’t be happening, which I think would be a mistake.”

“The iPhone SE was never designed to be a top of the line model, but it still boasted some nice specs. It contained the same A9 processor and primary camera that were found in the newest iPhone line at that point, the 6s,” Maurer writes. “We don’t know the specs yet for this year’s set of new iPhones, but they will feature the A12 processor which will be three generations better than the iPhone SE. Even if Apple wanted to skimp a little to lower product costs, a second generation SE could at least get a processor upgrade to the A11, with perhaps more memory, more base storage, and better cameras.”

“While some that are looking for a new phone will go with Apple’s larger screen devices, it’s likely that consumers holding the SE now will hold on longer. Apple could have generated millions more in upgrades, but that might not happen now,” Maurer writes. “While the phone isn’t critical to the company’s success, it fills a certain niche in the smartphone space and likely generates a few billion in annual revenues. Hopefully, this is either a technical or production issue at this point, and not an effort to push consumers to more expensive phones.”

Olixar's render of new iPhone SE with its screen protector

Olixar’s render of a rumored new “iPhone SE 2” with its screen protector

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