“As a Toyota driver, I’ve been subjected to the company’s horrible Entune-powered head unit for the last 6 years. On my 2012 model, it’s bundled with a matte resistive touch screen that requires you to press in on the display to control the unit,” Jeff Benjamin writes for 9to5Mac. “As you can probably imagine, the stock unit is extremely clunky and difficult to use. It’s so bad that I wouldn’t purchase a new Toyota without a new capacitive CarPlay unit built in. Thankfully, Toyota recently wised up and decided to adopt CarPlay after holding out for several years.”

“If you’re like me and stuck with a terrible stock head unit, then a CarPlay-enabled aftermarket radio may be the key to a much better audio, messaging, and navigation experience while on the go,” Benjamin writes. “There are caveats associated with having an aftermarket head unit installed, but as my recent experience with the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX shows, the upsides outweigh the potential downsides.”

“I would have preferred a wireless CarPlay unit, but having a wired-only model means that at least your iPhone will remain charged while in use,” Benjamin writes. “As long as you have a good installer, then the MVH-1400NEX is an affordable way to bring CarPlay to vehicles that don’t have such technology built-in.”

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