“For iPhone users, it looks like iOS 11 will end up being a mess until the very end,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “There’s precious little question at this point that iOS 11 has been Apple’s most problematic mobile software release in many years. Right out of the gate users noticed serious issues with performance and an exorbitant amount of bugs. Memory management issues caused noticeable performance issues with iPhones and iPads, and a surprising number of security holes have been discovered over the past year.”

“What is perhaps most surprising about iOS 11 is that even now, nearly a year after the software was first released, there are still new problems that pop up left and right with the release of each new update,” Epstein writes. “iOS 11.4 is the latest mobile software release from Apple, and users have flooded social media and Apple’s support forums with complaints that their iPhone battery life has been decimated by Apple’s most recent software update.”

“It’s no wonder that Apple reportedly chose to delay a number of big new features in iOS 12 in order to focus more closely on ironing out all of the wrinkles in iOS 11,” Epstein writes. “After nearly a year of dealing with buggy iPhones and iPads, iOS 12 is already a breath of fresh air in its current beta state.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Suffice to say, iOS 11 was not Apple’s finest effort.

We’re not going to say we warned Apple this sort of annus horribilis was coming, but we did.

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