“All the recent talk about the App Store’s 10th anniversary makes me wonder if I’d have finished [my Ph.D.] it if I had access to the same apps I now enjoy on my iPhone and my iPad. That sometimes makes the frustrations feels almost fun,” Leif Johnson writes for Macworld. “Discussions of the App Store’s impact tend to focus on how it gave thousands of small-time developers a good way to make money or how it changed our social lives; we give relatively little attention to how it simplified our routines. I don’t think I’d be the same person I am today without it. Heck, I’ll bet the same could be said about you.”

“In 2006 I was still toting my BlackBerry Pearl and harboring good memories of my PalmPilot and the apps I used with them. Even Steam, the popular cloud-based gaming platform and marketplace, had already made its debut a couple of years ahead of the App Store, offering us a way to download the games we bought any time we wanted them,” Johnson writes. “But these were false starts.”

“The App Store, though, put possibilities in our pockets,” Johnson writes. “With all those apps and more at my fingertips, I could have sent off my dissertation without ever printing a single piece of paper or possibly even using another device. It’s so revolutionary that it’s staggering.”

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