“I was prepared to put up with it,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for ZDNet. “So my iPhone was charging erratically. It was the only gadget that really annoyed me. Shouldn’t everyone have at least one? Yet after baring my experience at an Apple store in these pages — a certified Genius had told me I was being too aggressive with my Lightning cable insertion into my iPhone 6 — I received hundreds of emails from readers.”

“The majority of readers insisted my problem was a lint build-up from keeping it in my pocket,” Matyszczyk writes. “I’d omitted to mention in my original article that I regularly inspected the port and even sometimes used a wooden toothpick to dig out fluff… There was only one thing for it. Go to a different Apple store. You see, after one more little scrape with my wooden toothpick, my iPhone died.”

“After five minutes, my Genius returned. ‘Well, I think I’ve got it charging,’ she said, with a slight lack of conviction. Yes, there had, indeed, been lint right at the back of the port, but it had been impossible to see with her personal flashlight,” Matyszczyk writes. “‘Back there, we’ve got one of those lights that a doctor uses to look inside your ears,’ she said, as I tried to look as if I was marveling. ‘And we’ve got a special tool,’ she added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We thought everybody knew this, but obviously not:

When carrying your iPhone in a pants pocket, carry it with the display towards your body with the Lightning port facing up. The top of the iPhone goes down into any pocket-lint you might have, not the Lightning port which can get clogged with it, and the display is not exposed to any unexpected hits from outside your pocket.

We’ve never had any lint issues with umpteen units of every iPhone ever made over a decade-plus of carrying iPhones in pockets this way.