“On June 12 we told you that the new iPhone X was likely to arrive with no fewer than three rear cameras,” Paul Douglas reports for T3. “Now Dutch site Let’sGoDigital has teamed up with Concept Creator to imagine how these new iPhones might look, basing the designs on schematics which were obtained by Forbes from accessory maker Ghostek.”

“LetsGoDigital does point out that there’s still uncertainty about the position of the flash, as its placement was not visible in the Ghostek schematics, so while the renders position it beneath the cameras, it suggests that it could also be placed to the right of them,” Douglas reports. “Alternatively, the flash could adopt the same placement as the current iPhone X, which is to say betwixt the lenses.”

(Image: LetsGoDigital)

(Image: Let’sGoDigital)

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MacDailyNews Take: Certainly looks as one might image it’d look. What do you think?

And, yes, that notch is still an inelegant kludge.