“The public beta of Apple macOS Mojave is here, and as a person who struggles with a messy desktop, there’s one feature I can’t wait for: Stacks,” Jake Krol writes for Mashable. “Yes, the simple desktop-cleaning solution that got a quick demo on stage is the feature that I’ve been thinking about since the keynote.”

“I try to clean up my desktop now and then, but most of the time it makes me look like a hoarder — filled to the brim with files that do not need to be there,” Krol writes. “Mojave finally gives us a declutter button with Stacks. The key here is it isn’t a Delete button — it’s organizational tool that moves all of your files into lists organized by what the files are. These groupings are a bird’s-eye view; Images, Movies, PDFs, Documents, Spreadsheets, and Screenshots.”

“I found that with screenshots no longer taking up space all over my desktop, I didn’t worry about them so much,” Krol writes. “By leveling-up my peace of mind, Stacks ultimately does what it supposed to do, and the individual Stack manages the actual files just as well as my desktop did — if not better, since documents and other file types aren’t mixed in.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Stacks are a welcome addition to the Mac, but, as far as screenshots go, you could simply change your Mac’s default screenshot folder to keep you Desktop free of screenshot buildup.