“Apple CEO Tim Cook is unafraid to speak his mind on issues ranging from data privacy and immigration to human rights and the environment,” Jonathan Vanian reports for Fortune. “Cook said on Monday at the 2018 Fortune CEO Initiative conference in San Francisco that the tech giant is willing to take stances on sensitive political and business topics, as long as they are relevant to the company’s core beliefs and ideals.”

“That’s partly why Cook recently publicly rebuked President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policy that led to children being detained and separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border,” Vanian reports. “Like many tech companies, Cook said that Apple has benefited over the years from thousands of immigrants with H-1B visas who came to work at the company.”

“Cook also doubled down on Apple’s approach to digital privacy, which stands in contrast to some of its big tech competitors like Facebook and Google, whose ad businesses depend on collecting information about users,” Vanian reports. “He said that Apple didn’t start preaching digital privacy because of intense media scrutiny in recent months, but has instead put the issue front and center for some time. ‘We felt strongly about privacy when no one cared,’ Cooks said. ‘This wasn’t something we woke up and said, ‘The media is focused on privacy, let’s do that.””

“Though Apple has many opinions on hot topics, Cook said that the company focuses on policy issues rather than supporting any particular political party or candidate,” Vanian reports. “‘Apple does not give one dollar to any political campaign,’ said Cook. He’s especially critical of political action committees (PACs) that combine campaign contributions from numerous entities.”

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