“Microsoft is rolling out subtle changes to Office 365 to make work a little easier for its millions of customers,” Heather Kelly reports for CNBC.

“The cluttered control bar (Microsoft calls it a ribbon) on the top of web-version of Word has been slimmed down to just one line. The same new bar will appear in Outlook next month,” Kelly reports. “Microsoft is holding off on slimming down PowerPoint, Excel and other Office 365 apps until it can do more research. It’s walking a fine line between offering simplicity to casual customers and angering power users.”

“Microsoft even redesigned Office’s icons with new colors and more contrast. Word will be the first to get a makeover, but all Office icons will get a fresh coat of paint over the summer,” Kelly reports. “Even though Microsoft is focused on the subscription-based Office 365, Microsoft sill makes the old fashioned version — Office 2019 is due out later this year. Classic Office doesn’t change or update with regular downloads, aside from the occasional security patch.”

Read more, and see the ugly Windows screenshot, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We much prefer the seamlessness and elegance of Apple’s free office suite: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote alongside Mail.

We’re 100% Microsoft-free here and we’re 100% happy about that.

Many users think they need Office on their Macs. Most don’t. After being called vain, stupid, and wasteful by Microsoft, no one should.

We dumped Microsoft Office many years ago for Apple’s iWork which just keeps getting better and better for free and we couldn’t be happier. We advise MacDailyNews readers do the same.MacDailyNews, May 22, 2017

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