Apple CEO Tim Cook says that during his White House meeting with President Donald Trump he urged him not to raise tariffs on certain imports and pressed him to solve the Dreamers issue.

Cook spoke with David Rubenstein on The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations, taped May 13th.

I wouldn’t want to say what he said, [but] I talked about trade and the importance of trade and how I felt that two countries trading together make the pie larger and that, it’s true, I think undoubtedly true that not everyone has been advantaged from that in either country and we’ve got to work on that, but I felt that tariffs were not the right approach there and I showed him some more analytical kinds of thing to demonstrate why. We also talked about immigration and the importance of fixing the “Dreamer” issue now. You know we’re only one court ruling away from a catastrophic case there.

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MacDailyNews Take: Fixing the “Dreamer” issue now would require those running on both sides to eschew a campaign issue that they consider useful and therefore they wish to exploit in the upcoming midterm elections, so nothing will happen until afterwards, regardless of the threat of “one court ruling” leading to “catastrophe” or not.