“Q: There’s a hack floating around the internet on how to get the iOS 12 beta today. Does it work? Is it safe? A: I presume you mean this (or something similar),” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet.I can confirm that those tricks do work, and don’t seem to do anything nefarious. But as to whether you should do it or not, that’s down to you. If in doubt, sign up for the paid developer program, or wait for the public beta.”

“Q: Is iOS 12 stable? A: It’s a beta, so I expect instabilities and for things to be broken,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “That said, so far I’m not finding it to be too bad for such an early beta. But if you’re expecting iOS 11 levels of stability at this stage, forget it.”

“On a zero to ten scale, going from unbearable to awesome,” Kingsley-Hughes writes, “I’d have to say that the iOS 12 beta hovers around a 2 now…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Install betas only on test devices, not production iPhones and iPads.