“Apple made some big speed improvement claims regarding iOS 12 on older devices, like as some apps launching twice as fast, and CPU ramp-speed increasing across not just older devices, but also newer ones as well,” Max Yuryev writes for AppleInsider.

“If your device supports iOS 11 that means you’ll be able to run iOS 12,” Yuryev writes. “That means that if you have devices like the iPhone 5s and iPad mini 2 reaching back to September 2013, you’re set!”

“We already pitted Apple’s flagship iPhone X running iOS 11 against one running the first developer beta of iOS 12, but for this one, we wanted to see how much of an improvement we’ll get with older devices,” Yuryev writes. “For our iPhone test we used the iPhone 6, along with the oldest tablet to support iOS 12, the iPad Mini 2.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Look at those A7 SoCs go! Even a slight improvement in speed will make these older devices feel more responsive and newer!