“In the early days of Apple, of course, the company’s Evil Empires were International Business Machines Corp. and Microsoft Corp., as encapsulated by two famous marketing campaigns. (Yes, children, IBM did make personal computers once upon a time,)” Shira Ovide writes for Bloomberg Quint. “IBM and Microsoft were convenient foils. They were lumbering, vicious and uncool — the opposite of what Apple wanted to be.”

“Then early in this decade, Google became Apple’s villain. The two companies had collaborated closely on the Safari web browser and the original iPhone, but the good times ended when Steve Jobs believed Google’s Android operating system for smartphones ripped off the iPhone,” Ovide writes. “It was clear this week that Facebook Inc. has become Apple’s new supervillain.”

“During its developer conference on Monday, Apple unveiled changes to its Safari web browser, which will now ask people for permission for the kind of tracking that Facebook does. An Apple executive showed an image of the new feature with Facebook as the example of the digital-privacy compromises that Apple is trying to root out,” Ovide writes. “(A Facebook executive countered that the Safari feature seems to hurt Google more than it might hurt his company.)”

MacDailyNews Take: A perfect twofer.

“Apple’s beef with Facebook is odd. Unlike Apple’s past antagonists, Facebook is not a competitor. Apple has little to gain financially or strategically if Facebook falls,” Ovide writes. “Apple may truly believe that Facebook is bad for the world and that its quibble with the social network is philosophical rather than financial. But Apple needs to be careful. It’s cool to bash other companies when you’re an underdog. It’s not cool to punch down when you’re the most valuable public company in the world — on your way to the $1 trillion market cap milestone. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, puleeze. Facebook deserves every kick in the teeth it gets times ten.

Apple stands for privacy. In this case, unfortunately, people first need to realize what’s been stolen from them before they value it. Apple’s bashing generates coverage like Ovide’s or, in other words, free advertising. Steve Jobs’ perfected it.

Each of the companies, products, and services that Apple has attacked over the years were copied poorly from Apple, inherently evil, or both.

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