“Despite being a relatively small and young industry, the market for virtual reality and augmented reality-based devices already has a wide variety of different designs to choose from,” Malcolm Owen writes for Malcolm Owen. “Rumors and speculation from analysts point to Apple entering the VR or AR marketplace in the next few years, but aside from some patent filings, it is unknown what exactly to expect from the iPhone producer’s fabled hardware. As a premium device producer in multiple markets, looking at the better and more popular headsets on the market could provide some indication of how Apple’s version could turn out. ”

“What route is Apple likely to follow? Given Apple’s nature of creating mass-consumer products, the current room-scale system with a separate host is probably out of the question. An easier to use headset closer to the Oculus Go is more likely, reducing the barrier for entry down to a financial transaction rather than technical knowledge,” Owen writes. “Apple also has the benefit of extensive integration knowledge and its control over both the software for the device, the firmware, and the entire manufacturing pipeline.”

“Given Apple’s history of focusing on the user experience, it could be a long wait before consumers get to try out an Apple-produced AR headset. Current estimates from Loup Ventures analyst and Apple observer Gene Munster suggests such hardware could arrive by 2021,” Owen writes. “In the meantime, anyone wanting to have an Apple-driven AR experience will have to settle with apps running ARKit on their iPhone or iPad.”

Tons more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple will change everything yet again.

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